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Forget Paying 6% of your home sale commission to a Realtor! I’m here to help you buy and sell property like a pro. I want you to have the confidence to go toe to toe with any Realtor. You can learn the language, lose the fear of looking stupid and take control of your home buying and selling process. You don’t need a Realtor–you just need information and a roadmap. Let’s pull back the curtain and show you that you CAN do this yourself!

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What I Do

Here are the short versions. If you want the long versions, you’re gong to have to take a chance and start clicking some buttons.

I Coach.

You are smart and absolutely capable of buying and selling your own home, but even Tiger Woods has a coach! 

Click below to ask me your questions so I can help you keep moving on your journey. The fun questions usually end up in my blog.

If you need one-on-one help, we can talk about how to set that up no matter where you are in the process. I help people just like you every day and it ALWAYS starts with a simple question. Most of the time the answers are a short email away. I read and answer every message. Go ahead– I won’t bite.

I Teach.

I have a course coming soon that is perfect for you if:

  • You want to sell your home but don’t know where to start
  • You want a step-by-step roadmap that walks you from preparing to closing. 
  • You want how-to’s and checklists to simplify everything
  • You know you can do this, but you want the best education to feel more confident.
  • You want someone in your corner the entire way.

This course is all you need to complete the biggest DIY project you’ll ever do!

I Write.

You’re not looking for a mentor or a class — you just want some honest answers. 

Many Realtors have the answers, but would rather make you feel insecure so you will hire them and pay their outrageous fees.  Let’s just say that’s not how I operate. 

I’d much rather share what I know and leave the community a little better than I found them. Join the conversation or just soak up the knowledge. Either way — Welcome!

Check out the blog — Here to inform and maybe even entertain.


Ditch The Reator | Sell Your Home | Keep Your Money

Get ready to learn how to sell your own home without an agent. All your questions will be answered:

  • Can you really do this?
  • How do I prepare my home to sell?
  • How much should I ask for it?
  • How and where do I advertise it?
  • How do I handle showings and open houses?
  • What forms do I need and where do I get them?
  • How do I do all the paperwork?
  • How do I avoid feeling dumb around Realtors?
  • What happens during the inspections?
  • Should I hire an attorney?
  • How do I payoff my mortgage at closing?
  • Should I sell first and then look for another house?
  • I’m so overwhelmed!! Help!! (Not really a question, but you get the idea…)

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