About Me

Hi, I'm Glen Whitten...

…and I am a Realtor, but please don’t hold that against me.

I practice real estate every day and have for over 20 years. However, I work a lot differently than most.

Lots of agents want you to believe you can’t sell or buy your own home yourself. I happen know that’s total BS. Most people are more than capable, they just need a little confidence and some guidance.

Most agents want you to believe you have to pay 6-7% of your home’s value to get their expertise. 

Realtors need you to be afraid of the process–because if you’re confident, you will realize you don’t need a Realtor to buy and sell your home. 

Just like the DIY carpenter, plumber, mechanic or chef, there’s no reason why you can’t handle this job yourself. You just need someone to point the way and occasionally answer some questions. I’m that “someone” and I’m here to help. 

This site is all about peeling back the layers of confusion to reveal insider information about real estate. I also run a virtual real estate brokerage at OhioMLSFlatFee.com where we handle millions of dollars in property each month, but that’s a story for another day. 

My company does about everything a traditional agent does, except instead of charging 6%, we charge a flat fee based on the services you choose–not the price of your home. Here’s why.

In almost every other industry, you only pay for what you need, and then you get it.

In traditional real estate, you get what you need, but you pay for everything—whether you need it or not.

What’s worse, the more expensive your home, the more you pay. That’s insane and I can’t do it.  I’ll never understand how “6%” ever became a thing.

The ads cost the same. The signs cost the same. The website costs the same. The paperwork, contract, inspections, title work, closing–everything costs the same no matter the price of the home. 

So, why  do Realtors charge more for more expensive homes?

Because they can! And the industry has been getting away with it for a century. Like they say, if it ain’t broke…  

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you also end up paying for services you could very well do yourself. More Insanity!!

But the times, they are a’changin. 

People like you, who are bold enough to sell your own home, are changing real estate for good and for the better!

There’s no doubt that you could be better at doing many of the things Realtors usually do. One example–showing the house. 

Buyers almost always prefer to talk directly to the sellers. Why?

  • Who knows the house better?
  • Who knows the neighborhood better?
  • Who knows the history of the home?
  • Who knows what that switch in the garage does?

The seller–that’s who.

Yes, there are times when people need a little advice, but hundreds of my sellers have had deals come together over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table–not an agent in sight.

It happens all the time and frankly, things usually go smoother when buyer and seller actually get to know each other.

I listen to my sellers, learn from my sellers and work hard to share that education with people who are new to the process.

When my sellers need me, they reach out. The rest of the time I’m in the background monitoring and making sure the trains run on time. It’s the best of both worlds for all involved. 

I get to spend my days helping people sell their own homes and I love it!

Questions get asked and answered on the site and privately. If you need to know, click the “Ask Glen” button and fire away. If you’d rather keep reading, check out the blog and leave a comment. If you’re thinking it, odds are so is someone else so jump in and join the conversation.

Thanks for stopping by, best of luck, hope to talk with you soon.