Who am I?

I am a Realtor. I practice real estate every day and have for almost 20 years.

The difference is I understand that one size does NOT fit all home sellers. I also totally understand that most people are more than capable of selling their own home.

I’m here to help. Just like the DIY carpenter, plumber, mechanic, chef–there’s no reason why you can’t handle this job. You just need a few questions answered someone to point the way. That’s what we do here.

In addition to this blog where I try to peel back the layers of confusion and reveal the simple truth, I also practice real estate at another site which you can find at OhioMLSFlatFee.com

I do everything that a traditional agent does, but instead of charging 6% I charge a flat fee based on the level of service you choose.

In almost every other industry in the world, you more or less pay for what you need. In traditional real estate, you might get what you need, but you pay for everything—whether you need it or not. What’s worse, the more your house sells for, the more you pay. That’s insane.

The ads cost the same. The signs cost the same. The web page costs the same. The paperwork, contract, inspections, title work and closing costs the same, but you pay more fees if your house is more expensive.

Imagine going to the doctor and having to pay for an examination based on 6% of your paycheck. Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering dinner and having the final check based on the value of your 401k. It just doesn’t make sense, but the real estate industry has been getting away with it for a century.

Not only do you pay more if your house is worth more, you often pay for services that you can actually do yourself. Somehow…magically…6% of the final sales price of your home just happens to cover the cost of everything involved in selling your home. Seriously? Not anymore.

People like you who are bold enough to sell their own home, are changing real estate for good and for the better!

There’s no doubt that home owners are actually better at doing many of the things that Realtors usually do. One example–and this is controversial in the real estate industry–is showing the house.

When given the chance, buyers almost always prefer to talk to the home owners. Who knows the house better? Who knows the neighborhood better? Who knows the history better? Who knows what that switch in the garage does? The home owners–that’s who.

Yes, there are times when people need a little advice, but my sellers have had literally hundreds of deals come together over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, without an estate agent in sight. It happens all the time and frankly, things usually go smoother.

When my sellers are done with the details, they call me and I help them get it to closing. I handle as many or as few details as the seller wants and I charge based on how involved I have to be.

I basically get to help For Sale By Owner sellers sell their own homes and I love it!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to talk with you when you need answers.